Commisson Jobs

Welcome to 'ClayTasker': Your Hub to connect with Talented Ceramic Artists in Our studio!

We are excited to introduce our new ceramic forum, 'ClayTasker,' dedicated to fostering connections between individuals seeking bespoke ceramic work and our skilled ClayGround artists eager to showcase their expertise.

With over 150 accomplished ceramicists practicing in our ClayGround studio, this platform aims to bridge the gap between our vibrant community and local artists while also fueling the demand for locally crafted ceramics.

Join us on this artistic journey as we unite the passion for ceramics and connect you with the finest talents in our midst.

Commission Jobs

Do you have a specific ceramic job in mind? Share it on our forum and see if one of our members can assist you.

Our members are constantly checking this page and if any of them would like to accept the job they will contact you directly.

Meet our Members

We are delighted to introduce our community of incredible clayground members, with over 150 practising ceramicists, each possessing their own distinct style.

If you have a specific ceramic commission job in mind, we encourage you to explore the works of our talented artists. Our studio's rich array of styles ensures you will find an artist whose style and technique aligns seamlessly with your vision.