Advanced wheel throwing with peter dwyers


Join us for this special MasterClass guided by the extremely talented ceramicist Peter Dwyers. With over 30 years of ceramic experience and a doctor of fine arts, you know your in safe hands!

Time: 10am-3:30pm / Date: 24th & 25th July

This two-day throwing intensive will build upon your current wheel skills. Students will explore multiple clay shapes, and be encouraged to push their personal limits with clay weight and sizes. Peter will fine tune your foundation throwing skills and guide you throughout the sessions, providing an opportunity for all workshop participants to expand and grow their technical repertoire. 

This workshop is purely about upskilling and expanding on your pre-existing techniques in order to achieve new heights and advanced forms on the wheel. It is first and foremost a learning experience, and you should feel excited and relaxed.

There are two goals:

  • Throw a large beautiful bowl that works as a serving dish or fruit bowl.
  • Throw Individual pieces, trim and join these shapes together to form bigger works.

There is no pressure to produce exceptional works. This is a learning experience, and you should feel excited and relaxed. Follow my steps and be amazed at what's possible.

What is included;

  • Recycled stoneware clay (You may also bring your specific type of stoneware clay to throw with)
  • Tools & equipment (You may also bring your own throwing tools)
  • Your favourite piece throughout the workshop will be bisque fired by the studio at the end of the workshop.

What you'll need to bring;

  • A pencil and a small notebook with unruled pages to assist you and me with the visual planning of your intended shapes.
  • Lunch (we have a kitchen with a fridge and microwave)
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