Welcome to your new ClayGround!

We're excited to introduce our new member-based eco ceramic studio, located in the heart of Rosebery!
The Studio is only a short drive from Bondi junction and a 5 minute walk from Green Square station.

ClayGround is the new addition to the BC family and is going to provide our growing community of potters everything they'll need to unleash their inner creator while providing state of the art equipment and materials to help you master your art!

ClayGround is not just another studio space, but a community hub which encourages the sharing of thoughts, ideas and talent in our growing community of ceramicists.

The studio will have a gallery space with monthly exhibitions to celebrate our talented members. It will also offer master classes from renowned domestic and international ceramicists, so members can expand their skills.


- 601 Botany road, Rosebery


At capacity, we have 150 members in our 400 square metre space. The studio is equipped with;

- 20 Shimpo wheels
- Large Handbuilding & glazing tables
- Multiple types of stoneware clay
- Wide selection of studio glazes
- Member kitchen
- Communal area to relax
- Gallery
- Coffee machine
- Member lockers
- Bathrooms.

- Perks of the space


Membership includes up to 16 hours a week of open studio access from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

Members will have access to studio equipment (wheels, vertical slab roller, extruder etc.), tools and glazes, as well as your own storage shelf (50cmx50cmx90cm).

The only additional things you have to buy is clay, which we sell on-site at bulk prices, as well as firing which is $5 per Kilo per firing.

- Membership Offer


- $199 pay monthly contract (3 month commitment on an auto-renew basis with a 30 day cancelation policy.)

- $249 pay monthly contract (1 month commitment on an auto-renew basis with a 14 day cancelation policy)

Join us for a FREE week trial to come check out the space and see if the studio is right for you!

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