Make Your Own Mug Class


Join us for a 2-hour hand-building class, where you’ll learn how to design, make and glaze your very own handmade mug.

We've created a simple way for anyone to make their very own mugs. You’ll get to design your own style and shape, and after you can come back and glaze your handmade mug with our wide selection of colours.

Experience level: Beginner 
Anyone aged 8 and over is welcome to join, but anyone under the age of 16 must  be accompanied by an adult who is also taking the class.

At the end of the class you will choose your favourite mug to keep. It will then need time to dry out completely. Once it is dry, we will fire your piece and email you (roughly 3 weeks). You can then either come back to the studio to glaze your mug (included in price), otherwise we can apply our studio white glaze to it. We will then fire your piece a final time (making it waterproof) and you'll have a beautiful handmade mug to collect.